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Custom calls from your turkey!

Here’s a chance for a custom wingbone turkey call(s) from your turkey! The call(s) will be made from the 3 wingbones (both wings) from your turkey.

Disjoint wings from the turkey at the base of the body and remove all feathers, meat and sinew. This can be done by using a small sharp knife. This includes the shoulder bone (Humerus), midsection (Ulna) and mouthpiece (Radius). I ask for both sets of wings bones, sometimes one of the bones have been shot upped or in the pasted broken, this way you will get at least one 3 piece call, maybe two, at no extra charge! Rinse bones, put it in an air tight plastic bag, and then shipped to me with a note with your name, address, telephone number, when you harvest the turkey and a check for $45.00.

Jim Young

7420 State St. Rd.

Auburn, NY 13021

If you have any questions please email me at jimyoung@jimyoungturkeycalls.com or call  315-252-8143.