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One of my greatest pleasures in life is in sharing what I have learned about the great outdoors! I have written two how-to articles for Field & Stream. One was on how to make a wingbone call and the other was to make your own pine pitch rosin for box calls, plus they have done a mini article on my wingbone call too! I have taught Hunter Safety and Bow Hunting courses in New York.


I am a firm believer in the saying: If I gave you a fish, you would be fed for a day.. and if I taught you how to fish, you would be fed for life!


So....    for anyone reading this, PLEASE, pass on your love of the outdoors to our youth! One of the best thing in life is to give to a child is quality time.... from simple fishing outing to hunting....  if they're not old enough to legally shoot game, you can still take them in a non-hunting role. They can sit by your side... Also take photos of your outing.. and someday make a photo scrap book  you can pass on!

Life is to short and our kids grow up to fast, enjoy them while you can....




Jim Young